Tile offers a whole-house approach to design

When you think about tile products, you might think first about tile flooring, and that is entirely understandable. These materials make an excellent surface for your floors, but it’s so much more versatile. We will consider a variety of ways that you can use these materials, so be sure to read along.

Using this material for more than simply an underfoot element gives you the ability to match and design like never before. Since it offers spectacular durability and lifespan, you’ll create spaces you can enjoy for years. But it’s just as easy to match your existing décor or create a brand new look that is entirely your own.

When only tile will do

Both ceramic and porcelain make excellent options for a splendid floor covering. It provides extensive durability that resists scratches, cracks, chips, and fading, and has a lifespan that can exceed 50 years or more with regular care. In addition to offering extensive color and format options, they can also be cut into any shape and size, for stunning mosaics and personally designed patterns. A tile backsplash is a perfect addition to spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. Since the materials do not soak up spills and splashes, it’s a great way to protect this area, while also creating gorgeous décor matches and more. And since it inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria, it’s a cleaner and healthier alternative as well. One of the most overlooked uses for this material is the wall area. In some spaces, such as bathrooms and activity areas, partial or entire walls can be created using this product. With vast decorative options from which to choose, you’ll see how easy it is to create the look that best suits your personality. There are plenty of ways to do even more with this material, and we’d be happy to discuss them all with you when you visit our Guilford, CT showroom.

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